How does a scientist look like?

I am a big fan of fashion, high heels and make-up. In fact, as much as I admire art of painting or photography or interior design, I admire fashion as well. Matching colours and clothes that go well together as well as going well on you in addition to delivering the message of beauty, confidence, competence and authenticity is pure art and like other aspects of art some are very good at and some not. Nevertheless, your look has a great impact on your career advancement and as Colette Werden says: “The clothes you wear are just pieces of fabric.Yet, they have the power to influence the way you walk, talk and connect with others. They affect the energy of your presence and self certainty. They’re an extension of your inner identity. And a reflection of what you have to say without even uttering a word. They’re either expressing your authentic self or contradicting your message. These pieces of fabric are a critical part of your self-marketing strategy. Just like any marketing campaign, the message needs to be aligned, consistent and positively memorable. Choose them carefully. Never, ever, settle for “that will do”. Never, ever, let these pieces of fabric affect how confidently you show up. You’re working way too hard to let them be the only thing costing you that next opportunity”

Having said that,  a stereotypical image of an engineer or scientist is far from being good looking and in this respect, two clever UK scientists have launched an innovative blog where they post stylish images of scientist from all around the world with the purpose of challenging the common stereotype images of scientists.  This is a brilliant move and if you are interested to contribute and have your pictures published on their blog visit sartorial science and email your pics to:


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