Women of Inspiration: Margaret Burgraff

The importance of having great role models and mentors is well addressed. Career-wise, having a large network of mentors from different industries with different levels of experience is critical, however for us as women, having female role models is far more critical in providing insights and vision in fighting against barriers going up the ladder. Despite underrepresentation of women in STEM, there are plenty of outstanding female role models with the huge potential to influence, inspire and empower younger girls, and I strongly believe that distributing stories of successful women is a powerful and encouraging tool to improve underrepresentation of women in STEM. In this regard, “Women of Inspiration” is dedicated to introduce great role models for younger girls and early career professionals.

Margaret Burgraff of Intel is one of my favourite. She climbed up the ladder all the way from a farm in Cork in Irland to Intel in Silicon Valley as a Vice President and general manager of Intel services division. you can read her story here. She is also an advocate of women in STEM. Her advice to women struggling with glass ceiling is: “challenge the notion of glass ceiling and refuse to be a victim”. According to her, core attributes of successful people are decisiveness, empathy, accountability, confidence, optimism, honesty, focus, inspiration and communication. To hear more insights from her watch this video here.


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