Wild herbs

We made a beautiful, heavenly delish soup 👌 last night with wild herbs (or so-called edible weeds). I collected them a few days back while we were walking with my kids. It’s a lot of fun for my kids looking for them and finding them😊. In this era of technology while our kids are locked to screens, I try to use every single opportunity to teach my kids to get connected to the nature. Searching, exploring and collecting edible weeds is a lot of fun for kids and it is also a great way to not only get connected but also respect the mother nature and be grateful of its generousity. That helps them to understand nature better and do a better care of nature when they grow up.

Despite being available pretty much everywhere, They are rarely known as edible. That is why – and to show my appreciation for nature – I decided to write a blog post about edible weeds. With a simple google search you can find a lot of information as well as their gorgeous pictures for your local area. They are not hard to find and there are plenty around. You don’t need to be living in countryside, just do a bit of cross-country walk next time you go for a walk and you will find plenty . You can even find them in your backyard or your children’s playground. Picture below is what we collected the other day, I don’t know exactly what they are called but they taste slightly sour and make beautiful soups. I keep posting more images of wild herbs. 



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