How blogging helps me to be a better engineer and scientist 

I initailly started blogging with a different set of goals, such as communicating my science, improving my writing skills, raising my concerns and promoting girls into engineering and science, etc., but along the way I realised that this practice of blogging is actually helping me to be a better engineer and scientist and here is how:

  •  To write a good blog post you need to read a lot, just to keep yourself up to date, refresh your memories, learn new science and broaden your vision. 
  • The importance of networking to one’s career is very obvious. As you start blogging, you get noticed and that provides a great opportunity to expand your global network and indentify resources that provide you with the perceptiveness required to deliver value to your career as well as your readers.  
  • Blogging fuel your creativity. Blogging involves a lot of learning that provide you with a continuous brain exercise you need to boost your creativity. In addition, to write a good blog you have to ask yourself a lot of questions. Asking questions map your mind and a lot of mindmapping is another requirement of being creative. Blogging also requires a lot of courage as you have to give up on all the risks involved in going online. Worrying too much about the risk is the number one killer of creativity and by blogging you practice to be a risk taker.  
  • And at last but not least, blogging for me has been a journey of self-disovery. It has expanded my mind and opened my eyes to my core interests and values. I am more aware of my strength and weakness and I know better what works for me and what doesn’t. Blogging helps me to stay focused and relevant to my goals. 

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