How to be more Creative


As engineers, our core mission is to be creative, right? But we’ve been all there: you are expected to come up with a brilliant idea (for example to improve the designs or processes), but when you sit down to work on it, you don’t get anywhere but dead end. That is when you wonder why you didn’t inherit any of those creative genes 🤔.

There are numerous factors contributing to one leading a flourishing career, but I believe creativity is right at the boarder determining whether we fall into the group of people who potentially flourish or into the group of people who just survive. While there is no need to panic, if you think you don’t have the genes, then there are different strategies for you to kickstart your creativity. Therefore, a better alternative to stressing about that lack of creative genes is to find ways to boost your creativity that works for you 🔎, no matter how disappointing you think of yourself to be. Not every suggested technique in resources works for everybody, but there are a few simple strategies which I found very effective. The point made here is finding ways to make your mind stimulated. That’s the key and here, there are a few simple ways (based on my own personal experiences) listed to keep your mind stimulated.

Get physically active 

There are countless benefits to moderate physical activity and one of them is obviously our creativity.  I have found that during my morning runs, my mind is burst with new ideas no matter which aspect of my life I am focusing on during each run. Luckily, the constructive impact of physical activity on our mind is also backed up by research. So apart from all other benefits, a flourishing career led by your creativity is another reason for you to get active today.

Get out of your comfort zone  

In order for us to be creative, we need to try new things, to see things from different perspectives and to learn to think differently. We need to go far outside of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves regularly. As an example, I found blogging a perfect practice pushing me out of my comfort zone. I have published a post previously on the benefits of blogging to my career but everyone could be different and you might need to find out your own way to keep your mind stimulated. Though remember anything new could appear not your type at first. So unless you don’t try it, you won’t know for sure.

Get artistic 

I know it is not everyone’s type to get artistic but again it is about challenging yourself with something you haven’t done before, in addition to this advantage that ways to get creative with art is limitless. To me, art is very similar to engineering. It is all about skills as well as creativity. Of course we can call ourselves artist when we learn techniques and skills and we employ them to create pieces but that piece won’t turn into a masterpiece unless the element of creativity is incorporated alongside techniques. Having said that, it is your choice as to whether or not to enrol in art classes, but the good thing about getting artistic is that you are still able to get away with not knowing techniques while exploring the boundaries of your creativity. Just remember to take your smartphone everywhere and start taking picture from everything while trying angles, lighting, etc. Alternatively, buy a few bottles of Acrylic paint and a cheap canvas and just start creating. I recommend you starting with abstract painting as you might find it very easy, fun and creative.  

Stay positive 

people are more creative when they are happy.  It is a simple correlation. Staying positive and believing in yourself is an essential element in stimulating your creativity. Staying happy and positive makes it more likly that you’ll be able to think outside of the box and find creative solution. In contrast, when you approach a goal with disbelief, your consequent anxiety clog your thinking, making creativity less probable. Needless to say that the correlation between a positive mindset and creativity is also backed up by research.

what else do you do to stimulate your creativity?   




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