A march for a better world

January 21st 2017 is the day of unity and harmony in support of equity worldwide. As part of our dedication to gender equity, women (and men) of the world have decided to march and as you might have already heard, the march is called “The Women’s March”. As many of women and probably men around the world, I am going to march on January 21st in Melbourne, to send the message that women’s right is human right. However, although this march initially originated with the purpose of supporting women, I believe its universal spread is sending even a larger message to the world beyond gender equity and that is diversity. The beauty and power of this universal march lies in the fact that people of the world are uniting for a common purpose regardless of their origin, gender, colour, sexual orientation or believes. To me, this could be one of the most amazing moments in history in which we are proudly playing a part. 

In this regard, beautiful Sandra Lopez, a women of dedication to high values and standard, has published an inspiring letter to her daughter on why she is going to march. It is highly recommended if you haven’t made your decision yet. I found every single word of her letter resonating with me so deeply that I want to share it here on my blog too. I come from a diverse background in addition to being a woman and very similarly to her, I strongly feel that all the efforts on diversity and gender equity is highly at risk if we don’t act fast. Likewise, I want my kids to live in a better world when they grew up and I do whatever I have in my power to not allow their origin or gender jeopardize their dreams. So I will march in January 21th for a better world. What about you?