People of diverse background dreaming of success 

The importance of diversity is not hidden to industries and institutions any longer where difference is recognised as value and essential to sustainability. This technically means there would be better opportunities for professionals from diverse background to not only get hired but also to grow and flourish. Awesome, right? But why despite all the diversity and inclusion efforts, there are still many of people of diverse background and immigrants who are  struggling surviving in corporate world let alone flourishing? From my experience as  a double-bind minority (a woman in engineering as well as being an immigrant) also watching other immigrants, I am 100% sure that this is not because they don’t deserve but because they don’t know how to attract opportunities and that failure to attract opportunities mainly originates from lack of sufficient understanding of their host environment. It is true that there has been significant effort going on with respect to diversity and inclusion in immigrant receiving countries (which is really great) but  in today’s climate of competition, we must do our parts as well and that is by educating ourselves to protect ourselves, family and friends. Ignorance is not a bliss when it comes to our advancement in our career and our personal life. 

I haven’t smashed all the barriers ahead of my career yet thoroughly and but the journey I went through since moving to Australia was a journey of discovery which has provided me with valuable lessons. Carrying the learnt lessons in my bag, I am passionate to help people to gain more confidence, to take action and to stand out of the crowd. If you are from a diverse background and dreaming for success but don’t know how to make the difference you are born to make, just contact me via this website or LinkedIn and Twitter (@shokoufehmalek) and I am more than happy to share my learnt lessons. You can also check my blog posts as I occasionally blog around cultural diversity, as well.